Saturday, July 22, 2017

Picture Sunday || July {1}

I mean at least it's only been three weeks this time.

I swear I will do a lifey post soon! As it is, I've just been really tired lately.

*Blows bangs off forehead* 

BUT GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME, SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING WAS SO GOOD! Better than Andrew Garfield's by like 500%. You gotta go see it. There's a couple parts I very much want to draw, because.. yes

That being said, you guys want to see some art?

I've been a sketchy sort of mood, so there isn't much color. The case of the blahs is strong with me. 

1.) Anyway! Look at this cute couple, he's enamored and she's oblivious.

2.) I've been on something of a musicals kick lately. Please observe more Phantom fanart because Treskie has no life. 

3.) I attempted to get Christine's look of wonder/fear/curiosity, and ended up with deadpan. WOOOO!

4.) BUT THIS ONE TURNED OUT SUPER WELL. My mind went, "This picture, I like it!"

5.) Speaking of musicals, I've been listening to the Symphonic version of Les Mis. (You know, the proper one, with Anthony Warlow and Michael Ball.) That's a good musical, it's fun to sing along to. 

But anyway, I was listening to it, and there's that part where Eponine goes, "I like the way you grow your hair.." and, Marius, the magnificently unaware, responds with, "LOL You're so funny, you're like my sister."

And I got this mental image of Eponine looking into the camera like she's in The Office, and cracked up. 

6.) This is somewhat belated, but I was feeling exceptionally pro 2nd Amendment this last 4th of July. 

7.) Sometimes Kate and Tristan actually act like a real couple.

8.) And Kate reacts sadly. This particular picture is horribly disproportionate and dramatic. Such drama, Kate.

9.) BUT THEY ARE MY OTP. They're always gonna be fine. (Please disregard the sad fact that Kate's head is weirdly shaped and bigger than Tristan's, please and thank you.)

10.) Birthdays were on my mind this month. So I had Kate turn 20, and the boys made her a cake. It was probably Tyler's idea and it's likely he also baked it. Max likes to belt the birthday song, even though he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, and Tristan professes that he's only there for the cake. (But he totally got Kate some awesome present.)

friendly reminder that one of the boys is gonna die....

I've been really wanting to just have a night where I sing for people. Nothing special. A microphone would be nice. But I want to sing for people again. *Eyeballs singing class at the college*

So yeah, that's what I've been drawing these last couple weeks. 

I'm sure one of these day I'm gonna get myself together and be the blogger I used to be!

Until then, please be patient with me, keep me in your prayers, and I will post a life update soon. I'm aiming for sometime this week. :)

Question Time!
Best Tristan and Gang?
Favorite overall? 
Best fanart?
Have you seen Spiderman yet? Thoughts?

I love you all, and I'll talk you really soon. 
God bless

Monday, June 26, 2017

June || #notdead

But I'm posting anyway.

I woke up with a start a few days ago and proceeded to facepalm in dismay.

Because, holy heck no, I haven't posted in like two months.

I'm appalled at myself.

I'm sorry, guys. It's been a weird couple of weeks. And I haven't drawn hardly at all, I haven't had the energy.

That being said, I will try to be better, but I make no promises, because I just don't know if I can keep them.

I very much apologize for being gone so long. I haven't been reading or commenting on blogs either. I'm a horrible human.

But for now... Please observe my art. *Bows*

1.) Here, we have the first hug of the evening. It's cute. It's cuddly. Her hair makes me happy.

 2.) This one is just different. I'm not sure about it. I like her ponytail. She's probably listening to a musical or something.

 3.) I call this one, "Art block at it's finest,"

 4.) "Art block 2.0"

 5.) My sister-in-law asked me to draw a thing, and I did, and I'm mostly pleased with it. But it could use some tweaking.

 6.) The "Memorare" is a great prayer.

(I'm absurdly happy with that veil. Like YES, it actually looks like LACE!)

 7.) We listened to a version of Phantom of the Opera that none of us had heard before. It was an old version ('88, I believe?), with Michael Ball, Dave Willets, and Rebecca Caine, and oh my my. Can we talk about how the earlier casts actually kept the tune? And got their timing right?
And the Phantom didn't scream "GAO KNAOW AND LIIEEAVE MAAAEEE!"??*

*Go now and leave me

Good times.

8.) What's happening in this one? I have no idea. But I don't like it. Like... at all.

9.) *Whistles*

10.) This cuteness. 

11.) MAX! He hasn't shown up in a while. Poor Max.... I'm not wild about the way the post turned out, but Max is such a sad potato here. 

12.) So.. sometimes when Kate is recovering from injuries, she wears Tristan's shirt cause it's looser and more comfortable. Tristan thinks it's adorable.

13.) And sometimes even the toughest, most hardcore leaders need someone to hug them and let them know they're doing a good job.


I don't know, guys. I've just been... out of it lately. I'm trying to work drawing into my daily routine again, but I'm having a hard time with it, so please bear with me. :)

So that being said, I hope you all had an awesome weekend!

I miss you all! 

Question Time!
Favorite overall?
Best in black and white?
Favorite colored?
Best Tristan and Gang?

Any plans for the 4th of July?
What have you been up to? I want to know!

I love you all and I'll try to be back next week. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Music Tag

I was going to do a Picture Saturday, but I haven't had time to draw more than like three things this week, and I feel like I ought to wait until I can give you guys a quality post. (Unless you guys would rather start seeing like... single pictures with more detail? I DON'T KNOW.)

So instead! I'm going to answer a bunch of questions about music, which ought to be fun and interesting. (Because I'm a very interesting person, dang it!)

I promise to have a fun Picture Saturday next week, just you wait! But until then, here we go!

1.) Do you play any instruments?

Well. I don't currently. I used to play French horn in middle school, and I was fairly good, but once I hit high school, that fell to the wayside while I started taking singing classes at the college.

I would really like to learn how to play guitar or piano... or both! So that I could sing and play at the same time, that would be freaking fantastic, am I right?

2.) What is your favorite music genre?

Ehe. I like a lot of different styles of music, depending on my mood. I mean I'll listen to whatever's popular on the radio, and then turn around and listen to full on opera.

But I would have to say that the music that I listen to and it... resonates in my soul... is classical crossover. I like music with full voices, and more skill than your average pop.

3.) Is there a music genre that you absolutely can't stand?

Uugh. I cannot listen to screaming heavy metal. Or rap. Rap is so obnoxious. 
But the kind of "music" where the singer is just screaming into the microphone, I get physically pained, like, "YOU ARE DESTROYING YOUR VOCAL CHORDS! YOU FOOL! NODULES, MAN! NODUUULES."

4.) What is your favorite way to listen to music? (CD, Vinyl, mp3, radio, etc..)

Ohh... either on CD or plugged into my phone. I like it when I can turn on the music and it just absorbs into my bloodstream and I can feel it pulsing inside me. Yassss.

5.) Top three favorite bands/singers?

*facepalm* Probably Il Volo, Josh Groban, and Anthony Warlow. They have this type of tone-quality that make my cold, cold heart go pitter-pat.

6.) What are your three favorite chords?

Ehm, seeing as I don't play any instrument that uses chords, I'm gonna just...


7.) What do you think about TV and Movie Soundtracks?
 *Pauses Magnificent Seven soundtrack* What?

8.) Ever made a mixed CD?

Hasn't everyone?

9.) The old days of music were the better ones. Do you agree?

I don't know. I think mostly yes? There was a lot more soul in old music than there is now... I mean...

Because you know I'm all about that bass,
'bout that bass, no treble
I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass, 
no treble....
I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass..
But I think some music now is better than music then. I don't know. I think there's good and bad in both ages. I'm kind of under the opinion that we need to stop comparing the different times. Like music changes. Get over it.

this is my new favorite gif.

10.) Have a ever covered a song and recorded it? Which one?

Ehem. Here is a handy-dandy link to my youtube channel where I sing covers. Sometimes. Intermittently. Rarely. But I do sing.

11.) The saddest love song is?

Oh. Ehm. I'm gonna be super cheesy and say "When I Look at You" from The Scarlet Pimpernel Musical, cause... IT HOLDS SPECIAL MEANING TO ME OKAY?

Honorable mentions:
*Happy in my Heartache
*Always Hate Me

I can't chose. There are lots. They are sad. 

12.) The happiest love song is?

*Crazed Treskie laughter* Right at this particular moment I'm going to say, "When You Say You Love Me." By Josh Groban because yes. 

Honorable Mentions:
Be My Forever
Still Fallin'
We Are Love

13.) What makes you like a song?

Typically it starts with the lyrics, then the voice, then the melody.
I can't like music if I don't like the lyrics.
I don't tend to like music if I don't like the singer's voice... like, I'll find a cover or something that is tolerable to my ears. lol. 

14.) What song best represents you?

I sat here and thought about this one for like...a whole three minutes. (That's a very long time, as I am easily distracted.)
Gonna have to say... Let Me In, from Rigoletto, is pretty much me. 

15.) What do you love about music?

Oh man.

Music is something else. Music is like seeing someone's heart and soul. Very few things are as personal and emotional as music.
Music can make you happy, or sad, or wistful.
A single song can bring back a flood of memories from ages and ages ago.
Music can tell stories.
Music communicates things in ways ordinary words and actions can't.
Music connects people.
Music can be a window to someone's soul the same way eyes are.
Music is so powerful.
Music is like a piece of heaven on earth. It's magical and wonderful and absolutely necessary.

They say people who pray with song pray twice.

That's amazing.

Music is amazing.

Alrighty everyone, that's all I have for tonight.

Question Time
Have you heard any of my song suggestions already?
What do you think about music? 
Can you answer three of the tag questions for me? 

I love you all!